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The pack includes:

Evolve Kit
3 replacements of 3M Filtek One composite in capsules *
2 replacements of 3M Filtek Bulk Fill fluid composite*
1 Scotchbond Universal Plus adhesive
1 Filtek capsule dispenser
*Purchase the Mini heater for €699, €499 with promotional voucher

Shipping is done in two parts:

*Sent from Akura: 1 composite body + 1 flow syringe + 1 adhesive + 1 capsule dispenser + mini heater (if requested). Delivery time 5-7 business days

* Sent by 3M: 2 body composites + 1 flow syringe. Delivery time of 15-30 business days.

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Introducing the Bioclear Evolve Matrix Series matrices.
Following the legacy of the Biofit HD Matrix series, the Evolve matrices have the same benefits and additional features for later cases.

New Bioclear Evolve Matrix Series features include:

Three emergence profile shapes that are color coded on the dies for quick identification.
Extra more enveloping and flared tongues on the buccal and lingual-palatal surfaces that are easier to adapt.
A wide range of sizes and heights.
These new matrices are anatomically preformed in 3 different widths. This makes it easier for them to adapt to as many teeth as possible, and we also require less modeling and manual contouring.

Selecting the correct size and shape is now easier as this is an improvement on what was already the most advanced and user-friendly mylar array on the market.

This new matrix is ​​characterized by:

Its color-coded tab for identification and handling.
Quick release tab for easy removal.
Size printed on the matrix for identification.

Body 1.

A1(4867A1), A2(4867A2), A3(4867A3)

Body 2

A1(4867A1), A2(4867A2), A3(4867A3)

Body 3

A1(4867A1), A2(4867A2), A3(4867A3)

Flow 1

A1(4862A1), A2(4862A2), A3(4862A3)

Flow 2

A1(4862A1), A2(4862A2), A3(4862A3)



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